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We were a band from Daytona Beach,Florida.

Bad Luck.

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Anonymous asked: Is there any apparel left over to buy?

There might be. Check our bigcartel.



Sam, Daniel, and Huff (Common Hate) covering “Radio” by Alkaline Trio, as requested. 

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my band in the new broken futon video. check ittttt.

awesome dudes, playing an awesome song

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radicalifidoit asked: Omg Max did you get a burrito and YOLO? That's glorious.

Yes. Yes i did

I dont have my own tumblr, but i got some tattoos today and i feel they are tumblr worthy.


whoever told me about this band yesterday, thank you! they’re awesome


whoever told me about this band yesterday, thank you! they’re awesome

Late but oh well


Von Wolfe, even though I only got to see you once, I miss the hell out of you guys. Never have I ever felt the energy that you guys bring in your performances. I hope that maybe one day down the road, you guys can give the Central Florida crew one last show. Just so we can all experience you guys one last time because most of us couldn’t make it to Tally on such a short notice. Anyways, viva la von Wolfe. Hope to hear great music from each of you guys in the future.

This is it.


October 2010.

I was told to attend a show at a shitty bar in New Smyrna Beach. Max von Briel had asked me to take pictures of his band “von Wolfe” and i decided to give it a go. They played a bar with a bunch of surfer punk bands. Prior to this show i was told that there was a kid from Spruce Creek who looked identical to me, his name was Dominick Fox. 

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